Teaching and learning on your school's platform!

The school's leadership focused on the success of each student.

Manage with more data, instant reports and task automation. Free your teams from repetitive and unnecessary commitments. The most complete, unique and detailed view of each student, teacher, plan and team. Pedagogical, administrative and financial areas, as well as all projects, activities, teaching materials, dynamics and teamwork.

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Management, communication and teaching and learning

Discover the features that could transform your school

Discover how e-Schooling is essential to free up time for you and your teams, simplify processes, automate data, and facilitate communication and sharing.

Imagem do sistema interno e-Schooling
Imagem do sistema interno e-Schooling
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Simpler and more efficient processes

Find out how e-Schooling helps solve everyday problems

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Improve, transform or innovate.

More than bespoke solutions, we add a new dimension to your success!

With e-Schooling, you can test and implement the educational, pedagogical and administrative solutions you want for your institution.


Tailor the platform to the way you work. Discover faster and more efficient ways of working.


e-Schooling provides you with the right working environments and tools for every moment: lessons, meetings or document creation.

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Creation of tasks, methods, sharing of materials, meetings, organisation, communication, monitoring and evaluation in real time.

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Teaching and learning e-Schooling is compatible with other school management platforms.


For all levels and teaching styles. Schools, colleges, institutes or study and training centres.

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Notebook exibindo uma tela do sistema de gestão e-Schooling

I am the school principal!

Pedagogical and administrative management with all teaching and learning data!

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    I can access reports at any time with real indicators.
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    I don't need meetings and extra work from the teams to gather information.
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    I ensure that procedures are carried out automatically.
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    I have customisable, real-time alerts.
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    Tenho alertas personalizáveis e em tempo real.

Conheça os módulos

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Switch to classroom mode whenever you want to create a memorable learning experience.

Here you will find all the tools you need to create, plan and share your most effective lessons. Organise content, plan and gather all the resources you need to motivate, guide, support and teach!

Classroom mode is where all teachers want to be!

Articles, podcasts and interviews

There's room on the e-Schooling BLOG for education, technology and utopia!

For those who dream bigger in education. For those who ask questions and seek answers. For those who face problems and embrace challenges. Keep up to date with the latest issues in the world of education.

A space for questions, creativity, debate, doubt (lots of doubt) and learning.

A school. An e-Schooling.

No two schools are the same. No two e-Schoolings are the same. Personalising e-Schooling means optimising tools and workspaces. The platform can be adapted to any project and any methodology.

Notebook exibindo uma tela do sistema de gestão e-Schooling
Notebook exibindo uma tela do sistema de gestão e-Schooling


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